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Banqis is an international business alliance, private investment fund, management company and business accelerator.

A unique ecosystem, platform or network, call it whatever you like - we are a private business company and club, 
always goal oriented and under constant improvement. As an alliance of expert professionals, that are willing to help you to move fear away 
and reach more with your business by providing education,  experience from membership in various international organisations 
as well as from own entrepreneurship, we can help members to prosper and overcome any competitors globally.

Developing in 4 directions, that successfully complement each other: business club with local offices, a franchise network, accelerator and management company with own projects and investment partner we are a strong global partner for any kind of operations.

Become a part of our family  help yourself, your company and your community. We are acting globally but operating locally
so we are able to see what other larger organisations overlook and are always providing first-hand experience.


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Different opportunities are available - become a member and we will help you boost your business with new opportunities; become a partner or provider and help others while obtaining new clients; or become an investor and enrich your investment.



An international community with proactive managers thinking for you, helping you boost your business and monetize your potential to be among best in class.



Network of locally established offices with strong proven partner & provider network 
helping you achieve more at best value with membership in several national and international organisations, or at demand offering also management services.



Through our local presence and our accelerator programs, we recognize several prominent ideas. Therefore we can provide first hand incredible investment opportunities into viable scalable international projects and companies in different development stages.


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